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As you probably know, Liam is a good eater. Last week we finally found the first food that he absolutely rejected and he did so with such force that it reminded me of another person who feels the same way about that food. My boss, George, also hates this green veggie and I've heard him go on several rants about how terrible it is. I sent him this email after it appeared that Liam felt the same way.


I'm sure you'll feel very vindicated by this story.

Liam has eaten every type of new food we have put in front of him with no hesitation. Whether it be mangoes, peas, pineapple, green beans or yogurt it has not mattered. He gobbles them down and eats as much as he can.

Not until last week did he flat out reject a food and refuse to eat it. That food was broccoli.

Normally I like broccoli but I tried some of his, which is steamed and then pureed in the food processor. I had to agree that it wasn't very good.

So far I have been able to fool him into eating it by mixing it in with his squash. I hope you don't think I'm a bad parent for doing that to him.

Colin Merna

Monday, March 8, 2010


I took photos while the two kids played in the snow.