Friday, August 28, 2009


I have had a few interesting discussion lately about 'what babies think?' In the end of course no one can say for sure. All that I can really offer is a sample of Liam's different faces and then I believe we're all left to judge for ourselves.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Cute photo, except for that Yankees shirt. Although I was told on this day that even a RedSox fan could be charmed by that face in a Yankees shirt.


Last week at our kickball game Ava hosted a baby dance party behind the backstop. Liam does a good Robot but an even better Worm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Liam had his two month docs visit today. He weighed in at 12.1 lbs and was looking good, but of course the two month visit means it was time for shots. His first vaccination was actually a drink but the final two were shots. The nurses gave them simultaneously so that he only had a single painful experience. We found out that he does indeed have nerve endings in his thighs because he broke out into a good solid cry. Actually, we think that he shed his first real tear. Came out of the corner of his right eye and quiver a bit on the edge as he sobbed. The crying only lasted about one minute though and then he was back to being happy Liam. That made Mom happy because she wasn't very excited about his shots either. She took it well though and kept him happy all day. Throughout the day he was a bit groggy and wasn't happy unless he was being held. He's fallen sleepy a tad early tonight and we expect him to be tired and under the weather for a little while.


Some pictures from playtime with Katherine on Sunday. Liam visited his friend while Dad was golfing and Mom was at work... what a country!

Geez, holding hands already?

The Super Baby outfit is one of my favorites but unfortunately Liam took a Super Deuce while wearing it which resulted in a Super Stain. Not sure if the material has Super Repelant powers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Apologies to the creationists out there reading but it appears clear now that we did evolve from apes. Hey, at least we evolved! (A little bit.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Although Liam didn't move to his room last night he took a step in that direction. Monday was the first night that he slept through the entire night, 10:30pm to 6:30am. And, actually, I've never seen a baby go that long without breast milk. Quite a performance.

This was one of the moments where you wake up because something is different and unfortunately all you can think is that something must be wrong. After we checked in the bassinet and saw that he was still snoring away at 6am then we were just as happy as he was.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Liam's new room is almost ready. Momma has been working hard on it and most things seem to be in place.

Last week Liam got his first tree which is a sort of tropical fern tall enough to give him a good view from his crib. Whenever we go outside or near a window trees always seem to grab his attention. It's now sitting right next to his crib after a good watering outside yesterday.

I originally thought that the room Liam is going to have would be our room in the new house but found out shortly after moving in that I was wrong. The reason? It has a blue carpet and blue is for boys. This is why I spend most of my time doing the outside type work.

So far Liam's room as served as a guest room for the many visitors we've had. Jess has been here to visit along with my friend Kyle from Australia who was making a lap around the world. Of course grandparents have also been down for overnight stays to help us with the house. Once the inflatable guest bed is aired out I think it may be time for the little man to take over the room.

Maybe tonight?