Friday, April 30, 2010


I know the joke that's coming my way...

"When Colin falls asleep with a bottle in his hand he usually spills it all over himself."

It's not fair! Liam has a nipple on his bottle!

(Thanks to Uncle Derek for the great videos here.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Liam has a tooth and he has had it for a few weeks now. It's a lonely tooth though, so far no signs of another coming through.

The odd angle that this photo was taken at has a bit of a story behind it. Liam is a great eater but he does not really like his face to be wiped after a meal. He doesn't like anything prying around by his mouth unless it is a spoon with food.

I was trying for several minutes to get a photo but this is the best I could do by sneaking up behind him and then fighting him to get his mouth open.

I do not have very high expectations when the first trip to the dentist comes up.

Monday, April 26, 2010


A few days back Liam had an epic bowel movement that I was unable to witness but came with such a great story from his mother that I thought I would give my second hand account of it here.

Liam generally has no problem with constipation. A few weeks back he went on about a 10 day bonanza where he was loading 5 diapers per day. Going back as far as his second doctors visit he was already showing signs of great things. When asked how often he was pooping, "so is he going twice a day? once every other day?" our reply of "no, three to four times per day" got a nod and whistle from the doctor as if to say, "mmmm, that's some good poopin'!"

All too often, as is with many people, eating a big meal can trigger some action. It's very common that Liam let's fly while sitting in his high chair eating. That makes for great viewing because he is sitting up right at our level and can't really hide any expression on his face. Despite not being constipated he seems to expend an extraordinary effort to get things started. When it is time to release...
  • He clenches his fists
  • His face turns a bright red
  • He moans (it is more like a roar)
  • He leans back in his seat
  • A few times I have seen either a bead of sweat on the brow a tear forming at the corner of his eye
Obviously he doesn't realize that you can take your time with these things. He wants immediate action once he knows what is happening.

Well, on this particular occasion he was having one of his first cheese and cracker meals. He had part of a mozzarella cheese stick in one hand and a baby biscuit in the other hand when he felt the rumbling down below.

As his mother tells the story, his face reddened he clenched down his fists in order to push as hard as possible. The baby biscuit started to crumble and then he crushed it to dust in his hand. On the other side his mozzarella cheese stick started to squish and then like a rocket it went shooting out of his hand sideways because of the pressure. If he had been sitting on the toilet with a magazine he probably would have ended up with confetti.

Hopefully by the time he is reading magazines in the bathroom we will have convinced him that this should be a relaxing time, not a pressure situation.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Liam loves his Lion walker. Jamie and I love the music it plays and we usually end up doing some terrible form of a salsa dance as he comes walking past us with it. It's much better music than you find on most baby toys.

The combination of the kitchen floor, footed PJs with no traction and trying to wave led to a wipe out. Yes, I was laughing when he fell on his face. If we can't enjoy these magic moments what's the point?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Don't worry about this. It appears to be fighting but really, it's all fake. They're very skilled athletes with years of training. Don't try these stunts at home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Napping in the sun with great-grandpa Bump.

Did you really need to wake me up?

.... and I'll finish with a stretch.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Dylan came to visit on Easter and meet Liam for the first time.

It was also a birthday and everyone agreed the grandpa could celebrate with a candle for each grandchild rather than a candle for each year.

Dylan having no trouble napping through his cousin's antics.