Friday, December 25, 2009


Liam celebrated his first Christmas today. The celebrations started last night - we went to Dave and Sandy Demarest's house for a little Christmas party. Liam received the cutest winter hat complete with an "L" on the front. We then traveled over to Omi's house (Jamie's grandmother). Liam was very good as he got passed around by family members. We then went home to Jamie's parents house and we each got to open a gift. Uncle Derek got Liam a music table - looks very cool, but Liam started crying. It was WAY past his bed time at this point. We will try the music table again tomorrow. Liam didn't sleep to well the entire night. We would like to think he was so excited for Christmas, but we know he has no idea what is going on besides the fact he gets to play with a lot of different colored paper and rip it and it is okay. Liam opened all of his gifts this morning and played with the wrapping paper the most. Jamie individually wrapped many jars of baby food for his stalking. We usually make Liam's baby food, but there are some things (peaches - out of season and prunes- just don't want to attempt) that we need to buy. Colin was a little less than thrilled to open all 20 containers. Jamie giggled the whole time. We then traveled over to Ogdensburg and opened presents with Grandma and Grandpa Merna and Uncle Brendan. Then, we all packed up and went to Hammond to spend the day with the Schermerhorn's and almost all of Colin's cousins. Tomorrow, we will head to Jamie's grandparents to have a Regan Christmas celebration.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Liam has had a lot of trouble keeping his socks on. Especially the right sock. I do not think that is all that unique for babies.

Today I have him at home because our sitter has some sick kids and we don't want him to pull up ill right before going home for Christmas. Anyways, it was time for some experimenting. Right now I have my dress socks on his feet... and legs. They stretch all the way to his upper thighs and look like ugly black tights. Now they are starting to come off but I'm estimating that the amount of time they are staying on is roughly 500% longer than normal. This is a fantastic improvement and now I have a reason to get new socks.

(Dad was right. I would prefer to receive, at a minimum, one comment on a post to feel as though someone out there is still reading. Liam's blog is intended to be interactive and we would love to hear what you think.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Liam has a kiss and a hug for his new cousin. Baby shower is this Sunday.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I dress Liam every morning and I am not a Yankees fan. However, I can only dress my boy with the options available to me in his closet. If you are not a Yankees fan and you're not happy with this? Well, until I see a little Cleveland Indians shirt in his closet it just isn't going to change. (Bills fans, please don't even bother.)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


got milk? Yeah, we got milk. We've always had milk, but now we have peaches! (Not to mention bananas and apples.)